Library, Resource Room, Computer Lab, WI-FI Service



cedei library

While at CEDEI, English teachers can make use of its library, which has a small but good collection of reading material. There is also specific material to be used in class, which can be checked out for two weeks at a time, apart from the material that is available in the resource room at each teaching location​.

Teachers can also find extra resources linked to their class textbooks such as: videos, movies (DVDs), CDs, posters, etc.



computer labTHE COMPUTER LAB

Teachers at CEDEI have free access to our Computer Lab at our Centro location. We also have wireless access if teachers have their own laptops and would like to work anywhere else in our buildings and leave the Computer Lab to teachers who don’t have laptops or to CEDEI students.

If a teacher needs the Computer Lab for a class, he/she only needs to reserve it in advance. Teachers may also use printers to print extra materials for class.




Each of our three locations has a Teacher’s Room. They are designed to accommodate the teachers with a quiet area to plan their classes, grade papers and collaborate with other teachers. In the Teacher’s Rooms, teachers are encouraged to share ideas with each other, plan together, and exchange experiences. Once a teacher is on staff, he/she receives access to the English Program's DropBox file, which is organized by levels and themes containing activities, games, quizzes, among other resources meant to help teachers with the class preparation. Along with our online DropBox materials, these rooms have an assortment of physical games and other books useful for class preparation. Other than the Teacher’s Room at the Centro location (where the main Computer Lab is), these rooms are equipped with computers with printing capability for all teachers.

WIFI Service

free wifi

​All locations have WIFI access in the administrative areas and resource rooms. Teachers on staff receive the password to access the service through the English coordinator at each location. ​