Different emotions and feelings are encountered while you study abroad and this is the case with the Fall Semester in the Andes students.

In order to know how to handle this situation, students will attend a lecture about culture shock in which they will learn several details about life in Ecuador and the differences between Ecuadorian culture and their culture. Also, students will learn general suggestions about how to live with a family in Cuenca as they are staying with host families.

In addition, students will have dance classes and will learn about the current political situation in Latin America in one of the lectures that the International Programs Department has prepared for them. They will learn Spanish and will visit workshops to know more about Latin American culture.

This group is made up of 12 students; 11 of them come from several higher education institutions in the United States and one student comes from Sweden. They will study at CEDEI from September 4th to December 5th of this year.