Here at CEDEI, giving back to the Ecuadorian community is as important as learning about it. Because of our belief in the importance of service, we offer numerous opportunities for volunteering here in Cuenca and in the surrounding area. Students participating in both Individual and Group Programs have the opportunity to offer their time and skills to a number of projects, organizations or businesses. In doing so, they simultaneously make valuable contributions to society and gain a rare perspective on immersion that greatly enhances their experience abroad.

CEDEI students have the chance to complete volunteer work through our individual Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program (SIVP), in which students divide their time between Spanish classes and volunteer work of their choosing and/or related to their university major. Students from any number of Group Programs, including our longer Semester Programs, also have the opportunity to devote some of their free time to volunteer placements in and around Cuenca. Volunteers from both Individual and Group Programs often choose to participate in a homestay experience with an Ecuadorian family; the combined experiences of a homestay and a volunteer placement offer an unparalleled immersion experience.