June 13 - July 22 -2017


COST: $4,050.00

TEFL Calendar 2017

The Summer TEFL in South America program is a unique study abroad opportunity in Ecuador, offered by the Center for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI in Spanish). The program certifies teachers to teach English as a Foreign or Second Language. Since the beginning of the TEFL in South America Program in 1998 CEDEI has produced well-trained, culturally-aware teachers who contribute to global well-being and communication in many countries.

CEDEI’s TEFL Certificate program is different from most. Learning how to teach English and learning how to teach it in a foreign culture are two different things. CEDEI offers you the opportunity to earn your TEFL Certificate in an on-site language school where over 900 Ecuadorian students attend English classes every semester. CEDEI TEFL students have the opportunity to teach English classes to non-native speakers, receiving regular feedback from faculty and peers.

Classes: Use the calendar above for more detailed information

  • The average TEFL class size ranges from 8—12 students
  • Hours of Instruction: Monday—Friday, 8:30—12:30 
  • Evening Teaching Practice: Monday—Thursday, 6:00—8:30pm
    • In these evening sessions, TEFL students are both teaching Ecuadorians English and observing their peers' lessons. Students will also have the opportunity to observe English classes taught by CEDEI English Department faculty. 
  • Total of 120 hours of learning in the four week program!
  • Guaranteed 10 hours of actual teaching practice.
  • A service project involving teaching English in a rural community


Our approach takes into consideration the importance of cultural context in learning English; thus, our program offers travel to sites of historical and cultural interest during the program as well as the opportunity to live with a local host family.

The program begins with a cultural tour of cities and towns in the Ecuadorian highlands, including Quito, Otavalo, Salasaca and Patate. Then, at the end of the program, the class spends several days either relaxing on the coast of Ecuador or visiting the rainforest.

To help them as they begin looking for jobs in teaching English abroad or in the US, CEDEI TEFL students meet with a panel of current international English teachers, who share their experiences and offer career advice. CEDEI further assists students as they seek employment, directing them to useful websites, and providing them with questions to ask prospective employers.


The cost of this program is $4,050 and includes a lot!


  • Application and registration fees
  • Housing for entire program with a local family
  • 3 meals a day (except during excursions)
  • Cultural excursions (included in this category is orientation tour/final trip)
  • Airport transfers
  • Tuition for 3 credits (granted by CEDEI)
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Unless a student plans to stay in Ecuador longer than 90 days, no special visa is needed.

If this sounds like an experience that would interest you, click on the links below to find out more about our TEFL program the application process.

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"I feel excited for the future and career in teaching. This course has opened the door for me."

-Ricki W., 2006 TEFL in South America Program



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