The Department of International Programs at CEDEI is focused primarily in the development and teaching of the Spanish language and the greater understanding of the cultures of the Americas. The department is also responsible for all matters relating to the planning, logistics, and academic development of our international students for whom there are two types of programs; one for university students and another for individual students.

We offer both credit-bearing programs for those looking for University credit, as well as Spanish immersion for individual students and professionals. Our programs include homestay, cultural excursions and additional activities designed to enhance the learning process and make the most out of the student’s time in Ecuador.

Find the right option for you:

Individual Programs

If you’re a traveler looking to improve your Spanish skills, a student looking to do an independent internship or be involved in the medical field; or a citizen of the world who enjoys volunteering and helping others - CEDEI has the right program for you!

Group Programs

If you’re a University student interested in doing a semester/summer abroad; or an individual looking to obtain a TEFL certificate - CEDEI has the right program for you!