Nicanor Aguilar 3-55 entre Luis Moreno Mora y Roberto Crespo Toral.
Phones: (+5937) 4195027
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CEDEI School

Ángel Carvajal Vallejo S/N and Canton Vinces- Los Rios
Vía Misicata
Phones: (+5937) 4195035 - (+5937) 4195029




Paseo Cañaris Branch

English Program
Paseo de los Cañaris y Camilo Egas 3-98 
Phones: (+5937) 2802321 - (+5937) 2806538

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Centro Deportivo Hermanos Enderica Salgado Branch

English Program
Guadalajara st. and Av. 24 de mayo 
Phones: (+5937) 0987233225




Federico Proaño 3-20 and Aurelio Aguilar 

Phones: (+5937) 4091833 - (+5937) 4091828




About Us

Prospective Teachers

    • Jobn description

      About Our Teaching Positions

      CEDEI is looking for energetic and committed teachers to start in January, April or September.  Contact us at This email address is being protected...

    • Teachers Requirements

      We require that all teachers be native or fluent English speakers, have a university degree, and a TEFL or other related certificate (TESOL, CELTA), and...

    • Additional Perks

      While at CEDEI, teachers can take free Spanish classes each cycle provided by our Spanish Department.

    • Application Form

      Teachers interested in applying for a teaching position with CEDEI need to fill out the application form, which is directly sent to the Director of...


    • Rules and Policies

      Student Behavior One of the most important goals of the CEDEI Foundation is to guarantee our students the highest level of learning within a...

    • Tomado de

      Levels and Schedules

       Distribution of Levels:   Beginner Intermediate Advanced Oral and Written Expression - - 300 - 101 201 301 401 102 202 302 - 103 203 303 - 104 204 304...

    • Spanish School

      CEDEI offers various programs tailored to individuals with different needs and interests. Some focus on Spanish language immersion, others on...

    • Academic Calendar

        Academic Calendar - 2018 of English Program.   January - March cycle  January 8 to March 23 Regular                                                        January 8 to March 15                                                                           (No classes February 12 and...


    • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores- Ecuador

      Visas and Migration

      General Information: Upon acceptance of a teaching offer, you willreceive documentation from CEDEI. With that paperwork you should contact the...


      Ecuadorian Consulates in USA

      Please reference the following list of Ecuadorian Embassy and Consulate US locations as a reference during your Visa process. This website, has more...

    • Cortesía: Elisabeth Rodas

      Living in Cuenca

       Click the tabs on this page for more information about living in Cuenca.   


      World locations of Ecuadorian Embassies and Consulates

      Please reference the following list of Ecuadorian Embassy and Consulate Locations in various countries as a reference during your Visa process. This...

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