General Information:

Upon acceptance of a teaching offer, you willreceive documentation from CEDEI. With that paperwork you should contact the Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate while you are in your home country to obtain a Cultural Exchange 12-VIII Visa to teach here. According to the Ecuadorian Consulate’s website, “all non-immigrant Visa applications must be submitted online through the Virtual Consulate Portal ( After the application is revised by the Consular Office, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an appointment to pick up the Visa.” This link provides general information by the Ecuadorian government about the Visa: And for information about Ecuadorian Consulates and Embassies worldwide, please refer to:

Once you are part of the staff, you will receive more information about how to register your Visa in Cuenca in order to validate it. You have 30 days after arrival to register the start of your Visa year. CEDEI is very involved in this process. On arrival, you have to make sure you have the “Application for Visa” that you will have received when the Ecuadorian Embassy/Consulate issued your Visa, and the “Certificado de Visación.” Some consulate might issue only the “Certificado.” We will help you with this process once you arrive.

Please Note: For Informational Purposes Only Cultural Exchange Visa, Category 12-VIII

Valid for:

One (1) year.

Documents required

  • "Aplicación de Visa" Visa Application completed and signed (Sent in the packet from CEDEI) See below to fill in necessary information:
    • Sponsoring Organization: Centro de Estudios Interamericanos
    • Activity to be developed: Intercambio Cultural
  • "Certificado de Visación" completed and signed (this form can be downloaded from here).
  • Passport, valid for at least the next six months.
  • Doctor's certificate indicating that the person does not have any communicable diseases and an HIV test.
  • Police certificate indicating that there is no record (to be obtained by applicant. To be sure about this process, please call your local police department).
  • Letter from the legal representative of the sponsoring Ecuadorian entity requesting that the person by admitted to Ecuador (send by CEDEI).
  • Copy of the Official Registry in Ecuador, indicating the legal constitution of the entity (sent by CEDEI).
  • Copy of the appointment of the legal representative of the entity duly registered (sent by CEDEI).
  • Copy of the bilateral Cultural Exchange Agreement (sent by CEDEI).
  • Affidavit from the host entity or person, assuming the responsibility for expenses incurred by the foreigner as a result of termination of cultural exchange or deportation, duly legalized (sent by CEDEI).
  • Affidavit from the foreigner certifying to render services at no charge (for teachers only. Sent by CEDEI).
  • Gaurantee from the sponsoring entity to financially support the foreigner during his/her stay in Ecuador (sent by CEDEI).

Four passport sized photos.

Consular Fees

Although this fee must be paid upfront by the teacher, CEDEI will reimburse over 50% of it.

Application: $5.00

Suggestion from Cuenca

When you receive your Visa, read it carefully to be sure that the information is correct. 
When you arrive in Ecuador, you must check that the stamp you receive on your passport at Customs has the correct date and is for the correct kind of Visa -- in this case, 12-VIII. 
In addition, once in Ecuador, your Visa needs to be registered within 30 days. For this you will need to bring the stamped forms which were returned to you by the Consulate of Ecuador where you received your Visa: Application for Visa and Certificado de Visación (depending on the consulate, you might just receive one of these documents).
Finally, if you have any questions, you need to call the Ecuadorian Consulate in your area to double check the necessary requirements.

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