Student Behavior

One of the most important goals of the CEDEI Foundation is to guarantee our students the highest level of learning within a peaceful, pleasurable and safe environment, which is why the following rules have been created:

  • No individual, whether undisciplined or immature, will inhibit or stop the normal development of classes.
  • Discrimination of any kind based on sex, race, religion or disability is not allowed under any circumstance.
  • Students who damage the Foundation’s property will have to cover the total cost for any damages made and will meet with the Administrative Director along with their parents, if underage. These students will be admitted to CEDEI under probation for the following cycle.
  • No student can use cellular phones inside the classroom. The teacher has complete authority to take the cellular phone and turn it in to the English Program's Coordinator.

Plagiarism and Copying:

Total or partial copying on an exam or plagiarism of any other academic work will result in a zero (0) and a verbal reprimand from the teacher. If there should be a second occasion of copying, the student will receive an Incident Report and his/her parents will be informed (if underage). An Incident Report will be made by the teacher for every occasion and filed in the student’s records.



  • The first time, the teacher will verbally call on the student.
  • The second time, the student will submit a discipline report informing of the situation. The student's representatives are contacted.
  • The third time, the teacher will submit another discipline report and the parents will be asked to come to CEDEI to meet with the Director of the program.


Attendance and Grading

In the English Program, absences are not justified since learning requires commitment. There are two exceptions to being absent: (1) medical reasons verified by doctor’s certificates, and (2) unavoidable school commitments verified by school certificates. These certificates need to be presented to the English Program's Coordinator before the teacher will be notified that the absence can be marked as justified.


Attendance Rules for Specific Courses at CEDEI:

Regular Courses: The student is allowed 8 absences to still receive a certificate.  With 9 absences the student fails the course.

Intensive Courses: The student is allowed 4 absences to still receive a certificate. With 5 absences the student fails the course.

Saturday Courses: Because students have 4 hours of instruction on Saturdays, students are allowed only 1 absence to still receive a certificate. With 2 absences the student fails the course.

Tutorials: Absences can be made-up only if the student has called at least two hours ahead of time to advise his/her tutor that they will be absent. If the student doesn’t call, the absence is not justified.

All exceptions will be decided by the English Department on a case-by-case basis.



Students will only pass a course if they attain a minimum final average score of 70%, and they must achieve 65% in their final exam, independent of their final average score.


No student can change their level or time of class without the previous authorization of the Director of English Programs.