From its beginnings to the present, through the Student Welfare Department, CEDEI has offered scholarships to students with limited economic resourcesAdditionally, we have a scholarship program that promotes academic merit, aimed at students with the highest school performance. We also offer sports merit scholarships

In addition, the scholarships are aimed at university students with similar distinctions. Therefore, CEDEI rewards student merit and, at the same time, promotes language learning as an important means for students to expand their personal and professional possibilities.

In this way, our institution collaborates with the most needy groups of our society, both economically and academically, without overlooking our mission to support groups of people who have achieved academic merits in various institutions of our city by their own individual effort.

Alternatively, the Center for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI) offers free courses in English every year in the month of June. Classes are given by foreign students, who teach these courses as a prerequisite to obtain their certificate to teach English as a second language.